Our Mission


The Have A Heart Foundation was founded in 1992 to help Staten Islanders living with heart-related illness to receive the treatment, rehabilitation, and equipment needed to achieve the highest quality of life possible. The organization provides grants to assist struggling families of heart patients and off-set the cost of rehabilitative care and medications. The group also donates medical equipment to provide services for cardiac patients.

We founded Have A Heart For Kids to specifically address the needs of local children who become heart patients. Our goal is to be able to give assistance to any child on Staten Island who requires medical equipment, funding, etc. for their rehabilitation from a heart ailment. We also send children with heart-related illness to camp.

All of the members of the organization are volunteers, and nearly every dollar raised goes directly to Staten Islanders recovering from heart and heart-related illness.

The Have A Heart Foundation of Staten Island is a 501-c3 organization.